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How to Use Automatic Blog Poster:

In general, you will need to ...

  • Get a Wordpress or Google (Blogger/Blogspot) blog.
  • Get some content for your new blog post. Write or copy and paste in your new blog post. If you're having difficulties thinking of something to write, try spinning an existing post or article with Spinbot or Article Rewriter Tool. You should also do a final grammar, spelling and syntax check at this point.

    Any modern word processor will be a good resource for general grammar and spell-checking. At the very least, you can use your browser to do a spell check.
  • Figure your new blog post title. A good rule of thumb for creative writing in general is to wait until after you have written your article or blog post to create a title.

For Blogger blogs:

  • Select the radio button option to "Use Blogger."
  • Get your available Blogger blog list. After you select the the option to use a Blogger blog, then you must enter your Google/Blogger credentials, then click the link labeled "Get Blog List." This will populate the adjacent drop down menu with the Blogger blogs that you can post to using the given credentials. This list should remain available for the remainder of the time that you stay on the site.
  • Select the blog name to which you want to add a new post.

    NOTE: In case you want to list of all your existing Blogger blogs on a single page, you may do so using Blogger blog id listing tool,
  • Enter a valid Blogger User Name. You will probably not need to do this again if you have already entered a valid ID / email for getting your blog list. This would either be your whole email address, or the first part of the address minus "" So, if your gmail address is "", then you can either use "some_cool_name" or ""
  • Enter your Blogger password. Again, you will probably not need to re-enter this if you have already entered it to list your availble blogs.
  • Click "Create Blog Post". Your new blog post should appear on your Blogger blog within seconds.

For Wordpress blogs:

  • Select the radio button option to "Use Wordpress."
  • Enter your Wordpress blog url. You may include "https://" if appropriate, but you don't need to include "http://" if you don't want to. Also, be sure to include subdomains (i.e. or a subdirectory (i.e. yourmaindomain/bloghome/) if that's what your blog "lives."
  • Enter your Wordpress user name. This would be the same user name you use to log into ""
  • Enter your Wordpress password. This would be the same password you use to log into ""
  • Click "Create Blog Post". Your new blog post should appear on your Blogger blog within seconds.

NOTE: Any unepxected errors should appear on the screen in plain text if something should go wrong behind the scenes.

If you encounter consistent issues that you think might be a problem with the site, please let me know by emailing info [at] automaticblogposter [dot] com

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Benefits of Using this Free Blog Posting Tool:

In a word, convenience. In case you are in the business of quickly rolling out new blog content, then this will save you a trip to either your Blogger or Wordpress log in screen.